Photographing the journey

Lifestyle maternity shoot

The journey of a newborn joining a family is a special one.  I am so lucky to be able to be a part of it.

This one was particularly special because I got to do birth photos for the first time and this family is really awesome.   If you haven’t yet seen these beautiful pictures, here’s the link …Birth photos

Birth photography

I loved spending time with a family as they anticipated the arrival of their newborn and then after they are born being able to take photos of the newborn stage.

Jodi and Wynn did a fantastic job with their nursery.  Jodi’s a pilot so the aeroplane and cloud theme were just perfect.

Nursery lifestyle maternity photo shoot

Lifestyle maternity shoot nursery
Nursery lifestyle maternity photo shoot
This was their first birth experience as their daughter found them through an adoption process.  They are awesome parents and she’s such a cutie pie with a smile that lights up the room. The excitement at the lifestyle maternity shoot was really evident and little T was so thrilled to become a big sister.

Sibling photo

You can see the love on her face when I saw her next at the newborn photo session.  She’s so cute with him.
Newborn shoot with sibling

And isn’t he too cute?!

Newborn baby boy Newborn detailsNewborn baby boyNewborn

He gave us quite a hard time and was awake a lot of the time but I’m super patient and all was forgiven because he’s so gorgeous.Newborn photograph

So we brought the pilot theme in again with some pictures and then of course had to include something special from Daddy’s job too.
Newborn photoshoot

Newborn photo in science set up

What a super family and a joy to be part of their journey!  I look forward to seeing how he is growing along the way.

Family newborn photos







Superman as a super newborn

Newborn photography

Isn’t he too cute?!  It’s really tough being a super human.  Very tiring for an almost 2 week old baby!

Maternity shoot couple shot

I met these two lovely people when they were expecting their first baby…A little boy.  She has such a beautiful smile and was so excited to meet their little guy.

Maternity shot
Maternity shoot
Maternity photos
maternity photos

Of course I was excited to meet him too.  He is too beautiful.

Newborn photography
Newborn photo shoot

And I even got to use my beautiful book page background.

Newborn photo shoot

He was not quite the easy going model that his Mom was and he fought us all the way.  But being the patient and persistent newborn photographer that I am, we still got wonderful pics.  In fact, I was completely blown away when he decided to easily pose like this…

Newborn photo shoot
Newborn photo shoot

Newborn photoshoot

Such loving and happy parents.  I wish them so much joy with their little guy and I hope to see them again and see how the little Superman has grown.

Newborn shoot


Photographing a birth has been one of the most special things I’ve done.

I was recently the luckiest and most honoured person to document the birth of little Harvard.


Mommy’s water broke the day after she was due and so for over 24 hours, we were all anxiously waiting to play our role in this special occasion.  It was my first time photographing a birth.  I had been wanting and wishing to do this for some time and was super excited and nervous.

It was so very dark in the delivery room.  I had to pull out all of the stops.  I was blown away at the beauty unfolding before my eyes and my lens and I’m so proud to share it with you.  Turn up the volume, and make sure you have tissues nearby.

I am so grateful to this wonderful couple (and their amazing medical team at Linkwood) for allowing me to show them how wonderful they were that night.  I can’t wait to do the newborn shoot next week so that I can cuddle the little guy and can photograph him again.

I am so looking forward to photographing a birth again.  What a joy it is to use my talents to create a gift for my clients, the gift of reliving a unique and special experience and seeing it through someone else’s eyes.

Wow.  Just wow!

Click here to view…Little H is born

Weddings are special

Night shot of bride and groom

A beautiful portrait of a bride and groom is the most wonderful thing.  It’s like a time warp.  Every time they look at it, they will remember that feeling of being so in love on their wedding day.

I was not the official photographer at my brother, Chris’ wedding to the lovely Tamsin but after the photographer left, I just couldn’t resist doing a night shot.

Night shot of bride and groom

It was such a lovely wedding and they both put so much love into making the most beautiful decor.  You won’t believe the amount of effort that went into it.  Hundreds of crochet hearts were hung all over the rustic chapel and every little detail on the tables was hand made and crafted with love, even the candle holders which made a wonderful backdrop for photographing an intimate moment between the couple at the reception.

Bride and groom at wedding Bride and groom at their wedding Bride and groom at their wedding receipton

I was the “official photographer” before the wedding where my brother and his groomsmen were getting ready.  I loved it and really enjoyed seeing and capturing the excitement that was evident.

Groom putting on his tie on his wedding day Groom adjusting his tie Portraits of groom on his wedding day

And of course there was an element of stress as you can see by the ashtray….

Full ashtray and beer at groom's house

Chris and Tam wrote their own vows and they were perfect.  I felt so honoured to capture the moments when he finally penned them into a little booklet which his bride to be had hand crafted.

Groom writing his wedding vows Groom writing wedding vows

And how awesome were his cufflinks?  Radio DJ’ing is his absolute passion.  They met while he was working for Maties FM, the radio station at Stellenbosch university and he also went on to DJ at KFM in Cape Town.  What a great idea he had to wear cufflinks that looked like microphones.  They were really special.


Groom shoes, tie, microphone cufflinks and spray

Chris and Tam, we wish you all of the very best and thank you for letting me a small part of your awesome day.

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Wonderful family photography

family image

An early morning is definitely worth it for a wonderful family like this.

This fabulous shoot almost never happened because the weather wasn’t playing nice with us.  But luckily when the moment came we got a gap.  In fact it turned out to be an beautiful morning.
Bubble blowing is always a big hit with little girls and little Chloë had a ball.  It looks like her smile is wrapping all around her face!  Too cute.
And her Mom and Dad just love her to bits, of course.

family image

family image

family image

family image

family image

family image

family image